A little quick guide to Jinbochō

I met some Brazillian tourists the other day and they asked me for some insight in Tokyo’s hidden gems. I consider Jimbocho (or Jinbochō as it’s often written) a nice fine area to get lost, especially if you like books. I thought it might be worth sharing it here:

Luis Mendo


Magnif is a lovely small shop in Jimbocho specialised in fashion magazines from the last century.

I recommend going in weekdays, in the weekend some things might be closed. This list will easily fill an afternoon, starting with lunch. Sorry if I miss some names since I am more of an occasional traveller and tend to not care about names but more about the location etc.

Old Soba Place

Go here for a traditional soba, they haven’t change a thing in the last 100 years.


After the soba, have a coffee here. Great espresso and there’s an artist residency near so often artists are there working.

Takeo paper shop

Next to Glitch, a beautiful paper shop of the best paper brand in Japan, Takeo. Don’t forget to visit the 2F where they have exhibitions and little shop.


Art and Stationery shop. Nicely filled with sexy art supplies.


Architecture books. Staff speaks some English


Great bookstore with photography, art, illustration and design books, they also have magazines, pop memorabilia, action figures and sell art prints (have some Warhols). Staff speaks English


Mainly (old) fashion magazines. You can find from old The Face issues from the 80’s to 50’s and 60’s JP fashion mags. Nice staff, speaks English.

I hope this helps! Have a great time in Tokyo.

My good friend and Tokyo neighbor Chris Palmieri added these in a comment. I will copy&paste them below. Please feel free to add yours;


Soupy, spicy curry with lots of vegetables


Dark pour over coffee, cheesecake and a quiet place to read.