The Home Stayer, since we all now live in the same city: Home

Luis Mendo
4 min readMay 6, 2020
A faux magazine by Luis Mendo

**** Update ****

The series is now finished and closed. The prints cannot be purchased anymore in the current edition. Maybe in the future new editions will become available.


Since the Coronavirus pandemic took over the world, we have been asked to stay in our homes as much as possible. I’ve lived in Tokyo for several years, but staying in my house all the time made me feel I could be living in any other city in the world. This pandemic has made our spirits live in the very same city at the same time: it’s a city called Home. Realizations such as this and the fact that we are all in this together, should unite us in some way or another.

An ongoing personal art project

My job is to draw for brands and publications worldwide as an illustrator, and having more time to draw is always a good thing. Now stuck at home, it’s perfect chance to do more personal work, experiment and try new techniques. So I’ve chosen this as my personal isolation project: a series of faux magazine covers exploring this city we call Home. Scenes of the everyday, that you can’t place geographically to one place, but belong everywhere. Of course there’s a big link and wink to The New Yorker covers, please read below “The Background”.

I will be uploading the artworks here (top the latest, followed by the older ones) as I make them, and also shall share them on my website, Instagram and Twitter.


Issue 8: THE MOON
Issue 7: THE ZOOM
Issue 6: THE SEE